Guess the Character

A game of performance, description and guessing


Guess the Character is a fun and silly fast-paced improvisation game.  It works with anywhere from 4 people upwards, but is most fun with. 6 or more so you can form small teams and it takes the pressure of individuals a bit to do all the guessing.

Getting Started

Each player writes down the names of famous characters or people that everyone would recognise on separate pieces of paper. Generally 3-5 per person is a good amount. Fold them up and put them in the hat. In an online version, the players could share their suggestions with the leader in secret.

Guess the Character

On each player’s turn, they pull out a piece of paper (or get a message from the leader) and act out the character for the others to guess. They can act and speak, but can’t say any part of the character’s name. The players each get a minute to act out as many characters as they can before the next player takes a turn.

Extra Rounds

To make the game harder, put all the names back in the hat and add an extra round but this time act them out without speaking at all. You need to communicate solely through mime.

And even harder still, put all the names back in the hat and add an extra round but this time only use a single sound to convey who it is.

For older children you can reflect after the game on what kinds of words we use to describe people.

Take it Further

If you enjoyed. Guess the Character you might like to try 40 Ways of Getting There or Bus Stop.

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