Hand evaluation

A way of collecting feedback from participants about an event or activity


A hand evaluation is a good way to get people to think about an activity or event you have just done or attended and give constructive feedback.  It is a visual way to collect young people’s views on what you have done.

Get Started

Ensure everyone has a piece of paper and a pen. Now ask everyone to draw around their hand.

Hand Evaluation

Ask each participant to record the following on the fingers of their hand:

  1. Thumb – something good, something they enjoyed
  2. Index finger – something they would like to point out (could be good or bad)
  3. Middle finger – something bad, something they did not enjoy
  4. Ring finger – something they will treasure from the activity/event
  5. Little finger – something little they want to add (could be good or bad
  6. Palm – A prediction for the future – What they are going to do next?

Take It Further

If your group created good feedback from the hand evaluation, you might want to try staging a Youth Group Take Over where they lead some sessions themselves.

If you want to explore more deeply not how to measure outcomes for young people, check out the National Youth Agency’s document – A practical guide to measuring outcomes for young people.

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