Lighthouse is a fun, active game that works perfectly for a dark Autumn or Winter outdoor group night. 


Lighthouse is fun, active game that works perfectly for a dark Autumn or Winter outdoor group night.

This game requires use of a torch. It is an idea to ask your group to all bring their own torches to avoid sharing equipment. If this is an issue and not everyone owns a torch some antibac spray or wipes will be needed to clean the torch in between rounds.


This game works best in a wide open space. Make sure before you start you set out the boundaries of the game with the group. Decide on a spot for the Lighthouse Keeper, a space for the ‘land’ and a space for the ‘boat yard’ where those who are caught will go. Choose one person from the group to be the lighthouse keeper, they will need a torch for this role. The rest of the group will be ships trying to get to the ‘land’.

Firstly ask the ships to go off and hide in the space away from the lighthouse keeper. Once the lighthouse keeper has counted to 30 they can turn on their torch. Like a lighthouse they should stand in one spot and shine their torch around them to try and spot the ships in the darkness.

Once the ships see the light has been turned on they should begin to try and get to the land. If the light lands on any of the ships then they have been ‘seized’. Seized ships should head to the boat yard until the end of the round.

If any ships make it to the land without being caught by the lighthouse keeper they have succeeded in getting to the land.


Was it a very easy game with only one lighthouse keeper? Could you make it harder by having more than one in different spots?

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If you enjoyed playing this game with your group you should check out Leaving a trace for another activity that works well when the light is lost earlier in the evening.

It is great we are starting to have face to face activities again – make sure you and your group stay safe by following our latest guidelines on physical meetings.

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