Make a Tissue Paper Bowl

Make a beautiful bowl only using tissue paper and glue!


Learn to make a tissue paper bowl – made by using scraps of tissue paper. It is simple to make and can be any size and any thickness you like. 


  1. Make sure your work surface is either plastic or covered with a plastic cloth so the glue can be wiped or peeled off later. Cover the outside of the bowl with a single layer of food wrap (cling film).

  1. Place the bowl upside down.
  2. Pour some PVA glue into the yoghurt pot. Mix in approximately the same amount of water.
  3. Take a square of tissue paper large enough to cover the bowl and lay it out flat. Use the brush to spread glue over the entire sheet.
  4. Very carefully lift up the tissue paper – it is very delicate when it’s wet, but don’t worry if it tears a bit.
  5. Lay the paper over the plastic film covered bowl. Don’t worry about wrinkles, but try to make sure there aren’t too many air bubbles if you can. Do the same with the next sheet. You might find it a good idea to have a bowl of water handy to rinse your fingers between layers because sticky fingers can more easily tear the wet paper.

  1. Carry on covering the bowl in the same way. This bowl was made up of 8 layers and four colours which is enough for a thin structure, but the more layers you use, the stronger the bowl will be. Experiment with different colour combinations – all one colour or a mix. You will probably find that the colours bleed into each other.

  1. Give the bowl one final brush over with glue to make sure it is as tight against the ceramic bowl as possible.
  2. Leave to dry. Be patient. This could take a day or so.
  3. Once it is thoroughly dry use a blunt knife or spatula between the ceramic bowl and the plastic film to gently ease it away. Once released remove the plastic film from the bowl.
  4. Leave it as it is if you like the shabby look

12. or trim the bowl with scissors if you prefer a neat finish. 

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