Mini Mossie Net

Make a mini mosquito net to understand how people can be protected from Malaria


Make a mini mossie net and explore more about the challenges of Malaria.


Mosquitoes carry Malaria, which can be a deadly disease. All over the world, people sleep under nets to protect themselves from being bitten by mosquitoes while they are sleeping.

Find out more about Malaria here.

Mini Mossie Net

Let’s make a mini model of a mossie net.

  1. Make the beds out of empty matchboxes.
  2. Cover them with fabric or paper, to look like a bed.
  3. Make a little person to sleep in the bed (out of wire and fabric).
  4. Make a mosquito net to hang over the bed. The circle of net will need to be large enough to cover the whole bed to the ground, when you hold it up by pinching it in the centre.
  5. Use an unfolded paper clip to make a hook, and thread it through the middle of the net circle.
  6. Find somewhere to hang your mini net from, such as under a shelf, or from a table lamp. You could attach a longer piece of string to the hook, so that it can be hung from a higher place.

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