A Day in My Life

Explore other people's lives and illustrate a typical day in your life — how are they the same and where do they differ?


How would you respond to the title ‘A Day in My Life’? What is it like to spend a day in your life? How similar is it to the lives of other children around the world?

The lives of every family, household and individual are different.  You will find similarities too though as you explore other people’s lives.

Getting Started

First, watch this video:

Now you have seen what Memory’s average day looks like, have a think about a typical day in your own life.

What differences are there between your life and the day of a child in Malawi? Are there some similarities?
What is your favourite part of your day?

Have a think about other young people who live in your area and country. Do they have similar experiences every day as you?

In the video Memory mentions her family and what they do. What does your family do during the day?

A Day in My Life

Draw a cartoon strip or storyboard illustrating the things that happen in your day. You could also make a video diary similar to the one in the video – use your storyboard to plan how to show each part of your day.

Start with the beginning of the day: where and when do you wake up? What do you have for breakfast? Do you go to school? How far do you have to travel to get there?

Consider what the key things you do during your day are — and who you do them with.  Make sure you include the things you love to do and the things that are a bit less fun so you show all sides of your day.

Finally think about your routine at the end of the day — do you read a story before bed? Where do you brush your teeth? What time do you switch off the light?

Take it further

How could you find out more about other young people around the world and their daily routines?

What different days do you have? Why not make a cartoon strip about a day during lockdown, a school day and your birthday – how do they compare? You could compare these different days to others around the world too.

Find out more about water use and how long some people in the world spend collecting it each day in our Water Use activity. If you got hungry watching Memory and her family cook and eat, why not try out Pancakes of the World and try cooking some recipes from other cultures.

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