My House

Make a model of your own house


This is all about exploring and celebrating the place where you live – whether it is a house, a flat, or somewhere else.

My House

Using a cardboard box, make a model of your house. You could cut holes in the box to make windows and doors, and place sections inside for the floors.  Or you could choose to draw or paint on the outside of the box – cover it in paper first if you want a clean surface to draw on. You can also use collage to decorate the outside.

How many rooms are there? How does the outside look? What colour are the walls and floor?

What are the main things that make you recognise your home from the outside? How about from the inside? Can you include these features in your model?

My Ideal House

As an extra you could design your ideal home. What makes it different? Who lives there with you? What games would you play in it? What colour is it? How many rooms are there? Is there a garden? Where in the world is it? Or is it in space, or on another planet?What is the weather like?

If you have any tiny toys you could play with them in your new ideal home. Dolls house furniture, lego or other small items would fit. Or if you chose a bigger box, maybe you can fit inside to play?

Take it Further

If you enjoyed building your house, you might like to Make Some Noise or explore making a natural colour palette.

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