Solidarity Poster

Make a poster to show solidarity with people struggling for equality


One of the most common and powerful mediums for political art is poster making. Throughout history posters have been used as a powerful form of protest and a way of showing solidarity.

Black Lives Matter

Many people in the world are protesting to ensure that everyone is treated fairly, whatever the colour of their skin.  There are protests and rallies in many cities against racism and anti-blackness following extreme racist violence in America.

Solidarity Poster

Make a solidarity poster showing that you believe racism is wrong.  Stand in solidarity with those fighting against injustice across the world.

Firstly, get some inspiration.  You could check out some of these powerful protest posters from the past and present day.  Also these protest posters from history.

Secondly, think about a clear image and slogan to ensure your poster has maximum impact.

Finally, put your poster in your window for others in your community to see, and share it online using #DreamBigAtHome. Show the wider world that children and young people are raising their voices against racism and will build a better, fairer world.

Take it Further

Explore the history and significance of the raised clenched fist in protest art – and learn how to draw it – with our Images to Icons activity.  Explore who the New Black History Makers are and how to celebrate, support and uplift them with this great activity.

Anti Racist Education

This is one of our collection of actively anti racist activities for children and young people.

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