Tiny cooker

Cook up some tiny food on your home made tiny stove


Sizzle up some petite delights on a homemade tiny cooker. What miniature treats will you cook up?

What to do

  1. Take your fizzy drinks can and give the base a really good scrub. You will want to remove the date stamp that is sometimes there as this will be your cooking surface.
  2. Cut the can in half. Throw away the end which has the ring pull. Then turn the other half upside down on the table so that the underside of the can is facing up. There should be a small bowl-shaped area on the underside. This is where you’ll cook your food, with a candle underneath to heat it.
  3. Cut two slits upwards from the side of the can approximately 2cm apart and 3cm long. This will create a small flap which allows some air to get to the candle, preventing it from losing oxygen and going out.
  4. Light the tea-light and place it under the can. Make sure the whole thing is on a heat proof base.
  5. Add a tiny amount of oil to the bottom of the cooking part and then add food.
  6. Turn hot food and remove it from the ‘pan’ with cocktail sticks to avoid burns.


Tip: you can cook almost anything you like on your tiny cooker, if you can cut it up small enough. But things that you could eat raw are safest. You could try cut up vegetables like peppers. Or things that brown as they fry like tofu or halloumi. If you are feeling adventurous you could try to make a tiny omelette with a small amount of whisked up egg.

Caution: this activity can get quite messy and it’s best to get an adult to help you especially with the hot bits!

Take it further

If you want to do some more advance cooking, you could try making damper bread.

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