Your town rocks!

Paint stones and leave them around your local area for others to find


Your Town Rocks is a chance to brighten up your local area and bring a smile to someone’s face with a beautifully decorated stone in a place they weren’t expecting.

What to do

Collect some stones on a walk – look for smooth stones that are nice shapes. You won’t need many to start, a couple is enough. You may want to keep your eye out now to find somewhere to put your stones when they are finished.

At home, paint designs onto your stones. Think about messages that you might want to leave for others to find. What would make people smile if they find your stone?

You can use paint or pens to decorate your stones. When you are happy with your design and the paint is dry, varnish your stones to seal the design.

Take your stones with you on your walk to the place you found to put them. Keep your eyes open to see if anyone else has painted any stones and placed them for people to find.

Take it Further

Random acts of kindness are a great way to brighten other people’s day. Random act of kindness day is 17th February.

To show how much your town rocks, you could try out our What3Words Treasure Hunt for fun ideas of how to set clues for friends of where your rocks are hidden.

This is a weekly challenge activity. Why not share a photo of what you achieve on social media using the hashtag #DreamBigAtHome?

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