Anti-Litter Poster

Make pictures and think about the way we deal with our litter


Draw a picture of your local park or somewhere else you like to go in your area. Take care to make your picture as nice as possible.

Once you are finished and happy with your picture, stick litter (sweetie papers, bottle tops, crisp packets etc.) all over it.

How does this make you feel? Where does litter belong? What should we do with things when we are finished with using them? Can we REDUCE the waste we make? Is there anything that we could REUSE? How much of the remaining waste can we RECYCLE?

You could write something on your picture to tell people to pick up their litter, or you could make a new picture to encourage people to reduce what they buy, to re-use things as much as possible and to recycle whenever possible when throwing something away.  You could put your picture up in your window so people walking past see your message.

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