Build Back Better

What kind of future do you want to see in a post-covid world?


In 2020 Covid-19 has affected the whole world; in most countries all over the world there has been a lockdown of some kind. Therefore all our lives have changed. As we start to come out of lockdown, we consider what our daily lives might look like in the future. Do you want to return to the world we had before, or to take this chance to build a better, more equal future for everyone?

At the moment governments across the world are deciding which things should get money to adapt and change. They are choosing which industries to invest in, what schools need to do to be able to reopen, who gets support and in what form.

Meanwhile, during the crisis the inequalities in our society have become even clearer. Those without money have been the hardest hit — those without family and friends have been isolated and lonely. How could we make changes in the world we rebuild? How could we direct the money and resources of government in the best way?

The lockdown also meant planes being grounded for the first time in decades, people making fewer journeys by car, and most people staying in their local area. Should we consider keeping some of these changes, or embracing other new ways of going about our daily lives? How might these shifts in our behaviour, and this moment to reflect on what is important change how we can approach the climate emergency and make meaningful change to stop it? How can we build back better?

What to do about it?

Once you have some ideas together, you could write them into a letter or draw a picture of your ideal future world. Focus on your local area or more widely on the country as a whole. Send your letter or drawing to your local MP and ask them to consider your ideas when deciding what sort of a world we want to see in the coming years. If you live in the UK you can find out who your MP is and how to contact them here.  If you live in Scotland you could also write to your MSP, and in Wales your Senedd Member.

In your letter or drawing you can explore big ideas like banning all air travel, or turning all car parks into playgrounds; or you could talk about personal things in your local area, like your youth theatre having to close, or seeing people living on the streets in need of housing.

Take it Further

If you come up with a great idea to build back better, you could try our activity Raise your voice to raise awareness with your friends and community.

Climate & Ecological Emergency

This is one of our collection of activities that will help you to better understand the climate and ecological crisis and our part in it, as well as supporting you to raise your voice in calling for action to be taken against it.

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