Raise Your Voice

Make a poster, blog or zine for an issue you care about


Raise your voice! Think about something you care passionately about — maybe something in your own day to day life, in your community or something that is happening nationally or globally.

Getting Started

Write down the key points you want to get across.  Do you have one key message, or quite a lot of different things to say? This will inform the best way to raise your voice and get your ideas across.

Think about how best to convey your thoughts on this issue to others. Do you need lots of words? Or would a slogan or an image cover it? Depending on what you think, you could make a poster, blog or zine about the issue.

The Medium is the Message

Once you have decided the medium for your message, have a look online, or in the world around you and in books for other examples of that – for example there is a rich history of protest banners and posters with some really iconic designs.  See if any of these spark your imagination to make your own.  Similarly, reading some blogs by other people who also care about an issue close to your own may get your creativity flowing!

There’s information about poster making here. Check out the power that images can have here. Explore the history of zines and how to make one here.

Once you have found the way you want to express your passions, think of the best way to share it with other people – in your window, online or with your friends and family.

Take it Further

If you enjoyed flexing your political muscles and finding ways to raise your voice, why not explore the History Gap in your area?

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