Cooperative Rainbow

Work together to build a giant rainbow as a massive celebration of Pride Month


Have you been on a Rainbow Walk? We now want to take it a step further and make a cooperative rainbow.

Take a walk in your area. As you go look out for things that are the colours of the rainbow. See if you can find something black, brown, red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple.  You can make a rainbow with your photos to get a colourful picture of your local area.

Cooperating together for Pride Month

We are building a giant rainbow with photos from all across the UK — and maybe the world! This is a massive celebration of Pride Month as the LGBTQ+ flag is a rainbow.

June is Pride Month across the world, it was the month of the Stonewall Riots, protests which changed gay rights for a lot of people in America and beyond.  During Pride Month we come together in love and friendship, we learn about tolerance, education and pride history – and how we can keep moving forward to find true equality. It is about celebrating everybody, and being proud of who you are no matter who you love.

We want to build a big rainbow with photos from everyone’s local areas — to shout about how everyone everywhere should be proud of who they are, and that by cooperating together we can build a better, fairer world.

The Rainbow

When you are next out and about have a look around and see what different colours you can see – a red post box, a blue billboard sign, a green leaf…

Are there things in your house that are different colours?

Send us pictures of your different colours and we will add them to our giant cooperative rainbow. You can share them on twitter or instagram using #DreamBigAtHome or email them to [email protected].


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