Job Interview Game

A fun group game where you find out if the applicant can guess the job they're being interviewed for!


The Job Interview Game is a fun and silly guessing game.

The Set Up

One person is the job applicant and the rest of the group are the interviewers.

The job applicant leaves the room – or if you are playing online, turns off the sound on their computer and turns around. The rest of the group now secretly decides on the job they are interviewing for.  The job can be anything; janitor, police person, bus driver, architect etc.

Job Interview

The job applicant returns to the room for their interview. Without telling them the job, the group asks them questions related to this job. The job applicant has to guess what it is that they are being interviewed for.

For example, if you decide that the person will be a police person, you might ask them questions such as “Are you a good driver?”, “Do you like wearing a uniform?”, “Are you good at handling conflict?”

The trick is to ask them questions that are not too obvious – be discreet or slightly ambiguous and vague. The job applicant can answer how they like but should try to answer formally as if they are in an interview situation, though some of the answers (and questions) might be quite funny!

At any point, if they have an idea what their job might be, they can take a guess!

Take It Further

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There are hundreds of other great games to try in the book Games, Games, Games, a publication with around 250 group games. The games are essentially co-operative in nature and develop skills and attitudes which encourage learning together and supporting one another.

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