Bean bag making

Make your own bean bag then make up your own game to play with it!


Learn how to make a bean bag — and then make up some fun games to play with it once you’re done!

Make a Bean Bag

Start with a long rectangle of fabric which is twice as wide as it is high (22cm wide and 12cm high works well). You could leave it plain but if you want to decorate it, do it now before sewing it up.  You could decorate it with pens or fabric paint, or you could sew on some ribbons or other decorations.

Fold your fabric in half with the wrong side facing out and sew up two sides, leaving one side open.  You can use a sewing machine for this or hand sew, either way you will need to make small stitches so that your lentils or beans can’t get out. Once you have sewn it, you can trim the corners — this will make the beanbag a bit neater when it is finished.

Turn your beanbag the right way around and fill your fabric pouch with beans. Now turn in a bit of the raw edge and sew up the last side. You can either do this flat with the other sealed side to make a square. Or else at 90 degrees to it to make a little pyramid.

You can get plastic beans from places like your local scrap store. But lentils, or dried beans also work well. Just don’t let the bean bag get wet or it could sprout or go mouldy!

What games can you play with your bean bags? Can you make up a new game to play? There are some ideas for games to play here.

Take it Further

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