Get crafty and make yourself your own pompoms


Learn how to make a pompom! Use up any scraps of yarn you have around the house to make them, then see what pompom creations you can think of.

Make your pompoms

We are going to use a rectangular template for our pompoms. You can print out the attached template which comes in 3 sizes. Copy the shape onto strong cardboard — you could reuse a cardboard box from a delivery. Then cut it out.

Take your yarn and start wrapping it around your cardboard cut out. Make sure it is loose enough that the legs of the cardboard don’t pull together. Keep wrapping until it is nice and fat!

When you have finished with wrapping, cut your yarn. Now cut another piece of yarn (about 30 cm should be long enough) use the slit in the middle of your cardboard to thread the yarn through and tie it as tight as you can around all your wraps.

Slide the wraps off the cardboard. Now use the yarn that you used to tie the middle of the pompom to wrap and tie a couple more times, try to get it tighter each time you tie.

Slide your scissors into the yarn loops and cut them. Make sure you haven’t left any loops uncut.

You will be left with a slightly straggly pompom at first.

Take your scissors and trim the straggly ends until you have a neat, round, fluffy pompom.

Pompom Creativity

Now you have made a pompom (or several) you can experiment with different things to do with them. You could add some googley eyes or a cut out nose to make a creature. Or carefully sew in some earring hooks to make a pair of fluffy earrings from some tiny pompoms. You could thread some together to make a necklace, or add them to slippers / hairbands / a teddy’s jumper for a bit of extra fluffy joy! They could also go on a keyring, made into a Christmas wreath, or hung up as decorations. What do you fancy?

Take it Further

If you enjoyed this fluffy craft you might like to try making a bean bag or juggling balls.


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