Milk Bottle Dove

Learn to make a milk bottle dove and dream of a peaceful future


Using a plastic milk bottle from the recycling box, learn to make a dove to symbolise peace.

Symbols of Peace

The 11 of November 1918 marked the end of the first world war, and since then, that day has been known as Remembrance Day. This day is a chance to think about and remember all those who have been killed or injured in wars around the world.

Remembrance Day is a moment to celebrate peace. There are lots of symbols of peace – can you think of any?

The white poppy is a symbol of a peaceful future, many people wear white poppies on Remembrance Day.  The White Poppy remembers all those who have been killed in war – soldiers and civilians — and it says ‘never again’.

The crane is a global symbol of hope, remembering child victims of war and working for peace.  You can find out more about why it became a symbol of peace and how to fold your own origami peace crane in our activity here.

Another symbol of peace is the dove.

What to do

Start by washing out your milk bottle really well.


Now mark a line around the bottom of the bottle. Carefully cut around the line. Next make a mark up the bottle on the opposite side from the handle stoping about 4 cm away from the opening.


Mark up a V from where your line finishes to either side of the spout opening. Now cut along your lines.

Take the V and push it through the spout to make a beak. You might need to wiggle it a bit to get it to go through.


Next, mark a curved line in a big U on the sides of the bottle — this is going to make the wings and tail of your dove.


If you like, you can do a bit more shaping on the tail. Finally take the two sides of the bottle and turn them inside out to make your dove the right shape. You can use string to hang your dove somewhere in your house or garden.

Take it Further

Find out more about white poppies and campaigns for peace — see the Peace Pledge Union, the oldest secular pacifist organisation in Britain. Since 1934 it has been campaigning for a warless world.

For some more craft activities, try making some peace bunting. Or get creative with reuse and recycling with Teddy’s Upcycled Togs or Plastic Bottle Crafts.

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