Virtual Tent-Mates

What if you could choose absolutely anyone to share a tent with?


Virtual Tent-Mates is a fun creative exercise to imagine who the ultimate tent-mates would be!

Choose Your Virtual Tent-Mates

Normally when you are camping you get to choose who you would like to share a tent with. You can pick from your family or friends who you will be camping with – but what if you could choose absolutely anyone?

They can be real people or fictional ones, they can be alive now or people from history, but
who would be the ultimate tent-mates and why?

Key Questions

Some questions to consider – good and bad:

– Who would be the most fun to stay up chatting with?
– Who would be too chaotic and never let you go to sleep?
– Who would be super tidy and keep the tent looking beautiful?
– Who would borrow all your things and leave them strewn over the camp?
– Who would tell the best stories when you were heading off to sleep?
– Who would wake up really early when you wanted to be asleep?
– Who would be the most exciting to share a camp with?
– Who would look after you if you were feeling homesick or sad?

Final Choice

Write out who your chosen tent mates would be and why – or if you are feeling creative you could draw a picture of you all together, or make a sign for your tent with all your names on. What kind of adventures might you go on with this particular selection of people? And who would be the worst nightmare to share a tent with?

Take it Further

While you are thinking about camping, why not try out some of our other Big Camp In activities? For example you could make a miniature campsite, or cook damper bread over a fire (or in the oven!).

Big Camp In Activity

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