Write Off Prejudice

Write something to challenge prejudice today - inspired by Anne Frank's story


Write off Prejudice is a chance to write a poem, story or essay about living together with kindness, respect and equality and fighting prejudice in all its forms.

Anne Frank

Have you heard of Anne Frank? She was a young Jewish girl who lived in Amsterdam from 1929 to 1945. She was a victim of prejudice and was murdered in the Holocaust just because she was Jewish. But Anne was also a writer. While she was in hiding from the Nazis she wrote a diary, using it to share her deepest fears and desires, and challenging prejudice by telling her story.  Since Anne’s death, her diary has become world-famous and her story has been used all over the world to empower young people to challenge all forms of prejudice and discrimination.

Firstly, find out some more about Anne and her story. You could read her diary to hear about her life in her own words. What does her story make you think about in our world today? Are people still being discriminated against for their religion? How about the colour of their skin or their gender or sexuality? Have you or someone you know experienced discrimination because of who you are? Have you witnessed discrimination happening in your school, your area or on the news and in the media?

Creative Writing

Anne wrote a diary to express how she felt and what she was experiencing. What might you write, inspired by Anne, to challenge prejudice and discrimination in our world now? You could write a diary too, or a poem, story or essay. Or if you aren’t so into words you could draw a picture, make a zine, or write a song.

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