Indoor Campfire Treats

Toast marshmallows over a candle for delicious indoor campfire treats


With our indoor campfire treats, you can still have a bit of campfire fun even if you don’t have a way of making a fire or a barbecue.  You can still toast marshmallows over a tealight!


– A plate or other safe / flat surface
– A tea light or another candle in a sturdy candle holder
– Marshmallows
– A skewer or thin stick
– A large glass of water in case the candle gets knocked over and you need to put it out quickly

Indoor Campfire Treats:

  1. Place your candle in the middle of your plate or other flat surface.
  2. Put your marshmallow on the end of your stick.
  3. Light the candle.
  4. Gently toast the marshmallow over the flame – this does take longer than over a campfire as the flame isn’t as hot, but it will cook eventually, and it means you can be more expert in ensuring it is toasted all over!

Try to hold your marshmallow high enough above the flame that it doesn’t catch fire – if it does then blow it out quickly or dunk it into the glass of water. Make sure you are careful when eating your toasted treat as it will be hot.

You could try your marshmallow sandwiched between two chocolate biscuits for an extra bit of decadence – if you put the chocolate side next to the marshmallow it will melt a bit when you squidge it together. Delicious!

Take It Further:

If you enjoyed your toasted marshmallow, you might like to try out making a Tiny Cooker for more indoor cooking over candles. You also might enjoy Pancakes of the World for some international deliciousness, or Poo and Chew for some disgusting and delicious chocolate delights!

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