Camp Out while Staying In

Make your home into the ultimate campsite and build a den to camp inside - perfect practice for camping outside in the future!


Making your own camping space at home is great fun when we cannot camp together. Or perhaps you want to have a practice for a camping weekend! So let’s gather our things and camp inside our own homes!

Plan your space

Where could you camp inside at home? Is there a cosy spot in your living room? Or is there a great space under the kitchen table?

Firstly find a space –  this could be in your bedroom, living room, kitchen or if you are lucky enough to have outdoor space on your balcony or in your garden. Make sure the space is big enough for all who are going to be ‘camping’ in the space.

Gather your equipment

What creature comforts will you need? Gather all the things that will make your night a snuggly success.

Lay out your bedding, this might be bedding from your bed or a sleeping bag if you have one. As we are at home we can add as many extra pillows or blankets that we have to make it extra cosy and not have to carry them a long way!

If you want to make your camping experience even more ‘realistic’ you may want to make a shelter over your head by stringing up a sheet, blanket or tarpaulin. If you are making a small camping space you could fit under a table and put a sheet over the table to make your own tent. Get creative and see how big or small you can make your shelter!

Once you have made your camping space as comfortable as possible you are ready to camp at home!

Take it further

Enjoy a night (or two!) in your own cosy campsite.

Try out some other camp activities like designing a sign for your camp, enjoying some indoor campfire treats, or planning out your perfect virtual tent mates.

Big Camp In Activity

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